Mar Blue

Brand :  Mar Blue

Wine BasedDrink BlueSemisweet Frizzante

Grape Variety :   100% Pardina

Vinification Based on young, semi-sweet white wine obtained from the Pardina grape variety, the beautiful tonality and brightness are the result of natural pigments (anthocyanins) obtained from the skin of the Garnacha grape. A simple process: if we remove the red color from the violet peel, we´re left with the blue.

Location :  Sierra de Guadalupe, Cáceres, España.

Altitude: 2625 ft

Vine Training :Wire- trainedvines.

Soil   Slate.  

Logistic :Rhin Bottle 750 ml, Case 6 Bottle.

Europalet : 120 Cases  ; 720 Bottles.

Tasting Note

The smell is reminiscent of white wine, fruity, semi-sweet, with hints of green apple. Of light taste, it is also refreshing and easy to drink.

Recommended temperature 45ºF Ideal for weddings, parties, corporate events (especially if the company or subject has anything to do with the colour blue), enticing young people into the wine world, making wine based cocktails, accompanying desserts, and certainly you will find greater moments for Mar Blue with friends.

Mar Blue