The care

Our raw material comes from the vine, and if there is love involved ...

After more than 150 years caring for our vines, their fruits are like children you see being born. For us these vines are the most important legacy of our parents and grandparents. They instilled in us a way of life and doing things, which have led us to where, right now, we are.

The ubication

The climate marks the character of our wines

The particular and exclusive situation of this area of ​​Extremadura where our vineyards are located is one of the keys that helps to understand the personal character of all our wines.

The vineyard is developed on a slate soil very appropriate for the cultivation of the vine in the mountains, exactly at an altitude of 800 meters and with a rainfall of about 1200 mm per year, this added to the particular microclimate that predominates during the summer, days Hot and cool nights, make the ripening and ripening of the grapes much slower than in other areas, the low yield does not exceed 5,500 kg per hectare, this is essential to obtain very high quality grapes.