• The cultivation of our vineyard is totally free from sources of contamination.
  • The fertilisers we use are mineral or organic (manure or compost).
  • They contribute to maintaining and increasing the fertility of the soil.
  • They prevent field erosion and maintain the biodiversity of the subsoil.
  • Maintain the purity of groundwater.
  • Water used for irrigation is reused and disinfected with ozone, a very sustainable alternative.
  • Ozonated water during irrigation filters through the plantation and acts against pests or plant diseases.
  • Ozone generates less ecological impact on a farm. It is undoubtedly one of the best tools for crop disinfection.
  • Light in the vineyard comes from solar energy.

Winery- Cellar

  • 90% of the electrical energy comes from solar panels. We have adapted the bottling line to the hours of greatest solar energy production in the winery.
  • Water and equipment disinfection is carried out with ozone.
  • Different bottling materials:
  • Bottles, We use Ecova-bottle model for 80% of our production , whose name comes from Ecology and Value, and is specially designed to reduce the ecological impact with respect to traditional models and is lighter and reduces the carbon footprint by 40% and is recyclable.
  • Cardboard: the cardboard boxes we use in the winery are 100% recycled and 80% recycled.
  • 70% of the plastic is recycled.
  • We use wooden pallets, never plastic.

Our suppliers are all local. – Our employees have an adequate and equitable standard of living, we promote gender equality, and we have a plan for harassment and equality in the workplace.